Associated partners


Nijmegen, The Netherlands       Gelsenkirchen, Germany


EMCM and MR:comp are Associated Private Sector Partners that contribute to our Training Programme by providing training  in company-related aspects from a midsized SME's perspective. Collectively, they will train the ESR and will host ESR from other partners for secondments.

EMCM is focussed on production technologies under GMP and ISO-certified conditions. They have a keen interest in blending technologies and bone filler materials. MR:comp is specialized in safety and testing of implants for MR. Both associated partners provide essential knowledge for clinical implementation of materials designed by iTERM. 


Nijmegen, The Netherlands                                     Baltimore, USA 

In the beginning of 2016, two new associated Partners joined the iTERM project:

NovioSense BV, a Dutch medical device company that operates in the field of implantable medical sensor technologies. With a 5 staff located in the Netherlands, the company is a rapidly developing medical device company operating at the interface between connected technology and interfacing with the body.

The Johns Hopkins University, Department of Radiology (Baltimore, USA), internationally known for developing MRI contrast agents (nanoparticles) and MRI methods for their visualization, in particular using theCEST MRI method for enhanced imaging contrast.