Lead scientist

Paul Borm


Nano4Imaging produces marker systems for minimal invasive devices such as guide wires, catheters and implants that are based on proprietary materials and application processes. Its current MagnaFy technology is able to make current medical devices visible for more than one imaging system such as MRI, ultrasound and X-ray. In the iTERM project Nano4Imaging will be able to further develop its MagnaGraft technology which is intended to enable imaging of synthetic implants during and after operation.

Nano4Imaging GmbH is based in Germany’s focus area on medical devices and has international collaborations with top imaging institutes in Germany, Netherlands and the USA. Nano4Imaging has a patent portfolio on the synthesis and application of both nanoparticles and bio based metalloproteins for the labelling of medical instruments and implants. Nano4Imaging has the know-how and facilities to produce iron-oxide nanoparticles of different size, coatings, and magnetic susceptibility. In addition a contrast agent and carrier suitable for imaging of implants, implant materials and biodegradable matrices is being developed. Important key competences (1) high-precision, automated application of markers to different materials on a 3D level, (2) standardized, sterile synthesis of multicomposite contrast agents based, (3) know-how on toxicity and toxicological evaluation of nanomaterials.