Lead Scientist

Arnaud Scherberich (Laboratory of Tissue Engineering)


The Laboratory of Tissue Engineering is part of the Institute of Surgical Research and Hospital Management at the University Hospital of Basel and of the Department of Biomedicine of the University of Basel, Switzerland. The laboratory includes scientists from the biological, clinical and engineering fields allowing interdisciplinary work and an efficient transfer of knowledge. The TE lab, provides an excellent environment for training and learning. All required facilities for carrying out the research work planned are available in the institution. This includes but is not restricted to: general molecular and cellular biology equipment, an automated embedding and staining station for histology, certified animal facilities for small and larger size animals, confocal microscopes, and a unique expertise in perfusion bioreactor systems for cell isolation and expansion of cells inside 3D scaffolds.

The bone tissue engineering team has developed highly innovative approaches to generate prevascularized, osteogenic, engineered grafts, based on the use of human adipose-derived progenitors, some of which are currently being implemented in the form of clinical trials, initiated at the University Hospital of Basel. The team also has significant experience with the fundamental biology of human mesenchymal stromal cells coming from different tissues (bone marrow, adipose, umbilical cord).