United Kingdom


Lead scientist

Steve Archibald (dept. Chemistry)


The University of Hull provides a cutting-edge educational experience for over 18,000 students a year. The Molecules for Health Group in the Faculty of Science and the Postgraduate Medical Institute (PGMI) provide the location for the majority of the imaging group researchers linking chemistry to biological sciences and medical research in the clinic. The University of Hull cross-disciplinary imaging group incorporates expertise from biological sciences, chemistry, medical engineering and PGMI with links to clinical research at University research centres on the Castle Hill Hospital and Hull Royal Infirmary (clinical MR imaging) sites.

PGMI is currently developing significant links with the Department of Chemistry to establish a collaborative lab-to-bedside programme of molecular imaging research. The Molecules for Health Group in the Department of Chemistry applies chemical techniques in order to solve health related problems. The research carried out is divided into three sub-groups: therapeutic agents, imaging agents and macromolecules. This group has seven academic staff, three PDRAs, nineteen PhD students and a research technician.