Lead scientist

Wojciech Święszkowski (Biomaterials Group)


Warsaw University of Technology´s Biomaterials Group is a part of the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering (FMSE) of Warsaw University of Technology (WUT), the leading research and higher education institution in Poland. The Biomaterials Group is a multidisciplinary team with a high expertise in biomaterials science and tissue engineering, materials characterisation and modelling, focusing on the development of advanced materials for medical applications.

The main aim of the group is to develop and initiate new technological solutions for biomaterials, implants, tissue engineering products and drug delivery systems in the purpose of treatment of human diseases as well as for improving health. Especially, the research is concentrated on finding solutions for the cartilage and bone tissue repair and regeneration. The strength of the group is also materials characterization including studies of nano and micro structure (SEM, TEM, FIB, DualBeam etc), 3D architecture (Nano and micro CT), chemical composition (EDS,XPS, Auger, DSC, GPC, TGA etc), mechanical properties (Zwick, MTS, Bose, Hysitron, AFM etc), and surface (profilometer, AFM).